We specialise in Remote Coaching for Crossfit Athletes who want to compete at a high level. We also have a number of Olympic Weightlifters part of the team who we also program for. And then we have your everyday person or sports player looking to get fitter and stronger for there chosen sport. So we help them with strength & conditioning training to get them to the highest level they can in there sport. We offer a number of different programs and services so please get in touch and ask any question you have we be glad to help you out.

Here at LDPT, our coaches recognize that the relationship between the athlete and the coach enables competitive success. This powerful relationship creates trust in the coach and guarantees the athletes follow through on their program as laid out by the coach.

Long hours in the gym and an incredible work ethic will only get you so far if your goal is to make it to the CrossFit Games.

Prepare for your biggest moment by requesting a consult with a professional coach today.