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We specialise in Remote Coaching for Crossfit Athletes who want to compete at a high level. We also have a number of Olympic Weightlifters part of the team who we also program for. And then we have your everyday person or sports player looking to get fitter and stronger for there chosen sport. So we help them with strength & conditioning training to get them to the highest level they can in there sport. We offer a number of different programs and services so please get in touch and ask any question you have we be glad to help you out.


5 months ago i come to Kuwait gymnastics was shocking and couldn't lift without my lifting shoes. I was failing snatches at 95lbs and couldn't string together any movements on the bar. since working with Lee i can now do a snatch complex at 120lbs in metcons. And can now string chest to bars together with breeze.

Chloe Salter

LD Performance is one of the best training programmes around. I had been researching programmes and training systems after knee surgery and found that LD Performance was effective and individualised to my needs. The programme has allowed me to gain confidence again in my ability as well as increase my strength but not only that I'm enjoying my training again as for a few years I was going through the motions. The coach also caters around myself being a first time dad and my full time job as a nurse. I long hours at times and try and do as much as I can and will let him know if i cant finish parts of the session. What I respect most is that as long as I push myself hard with what I can fit in to my day my coach is happy with that. This is the reason I love doing LD Performance. 

Steven Duffy

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